Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wordless Wednesday Friday - Day 30 #30daysofthanks

It can't be Wordless Wednesday because it's Friday.  So what? 

Here is what I am thankful for, in photo format. 

So much love, so much thanks!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Corn-y - Day 29 #30daysofthanks

Corn. The only vegetable Bear will eat at the moment.  I will be thankful for this until I can add more to the list...

Swimming - Day 28 #30daysofthanks

Swimming lessons were bittersweet for me as a child. I excelled to a certain colour level and hit a wall.  I couldn't pass it no matter how hard I tried. I had learned all the basics and could swim long enough to get to safety if I wasn't in life jacket territory. I could tread water for a good length of time. And I had my wits about me around water.  When my daughter started swimming lessons at around a year old she LOVED them.  Just like mama.  Something changed around age 2 to 2 1/2 though and she hated water. Baths were war, hair washing was pure torture for everyone involved. This continued until she was about 4!  Some people said it was a stage, other people couldn't believe the difficulty we were having.
Then came Spring 2012...and Paul Sadler Swimland!  The only way we could think of moving forward from this fear and hatred of water was to bring in the professionals!  At her FIRST lesson she splashed and floated...more than she ever did at home.  I remember sending Handydan a video and asking him if this was really our daughter.  She has since passed 3 levels and asks almost daily if it's swimming lesson day.  We love the approach at PSS, love the staff, love the ratio of students to instructors, but mostly LOVE that Bear wants to be a swimming teacher when she grows up!  What a difference, at home and in the pool.  Thank you PSS for teaching my daughter to love the water again, for teaching her water skills and water smarts!

 This is NOT a sponsored post!  These are my unsolicited thoughts and feelings.  :)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

ABS - Day 27 of #30daysofthanks

As I drove down the two laned road a car pulled out from the shoulder to my right, attempted to u-turn in front of me and couldn't make it in one try.  So he backed up and tried again.  All while my brakes were grinding with the sound of the ABS engaging.  I leaned into my horn as I was not going to be able to stop on the black ice.  He got the hint and I just missed hitting his left rear panel.  All I got for "encouraging" him to go faster - he flipped me the bird.  But in taking things positively and with thanks, I am thankful that I had ABS which I am sure kept me out of an accident today.

Nap Time - Day 26 of #30daysofthanks

Two words: nap time.  Very thankful for this today as I need a recharge.  Napping for MiniD, quiet time for Bear and a bit of both for me.

One Month Countdown!! - Day 25 #30daysofthanks

Anyone who has known me for any amount of time knows that Christmas is my favourite time of year.  My love language is that of a gifter so there is no better time to be around me...except birthdays, Easter and any other time I can think of giving gifts!  Just one month until everyone I've bought for can open their carefully chosen presents - I am so much more excited about giving than receiving.

Candles and Quiet - Day 24 #30daysofthanks

Thankful for my niece celebrating another birthday and for Handydan going to help out at the party while I stay home with MiniD who is too small to participate this time.  Normally I'm the one ALL OVER the parties (that's the event planner in me) but for the activity the kids were doing today it just made way more sense for Handydan to go.  It was bittersweet - the first of any of my nieces/nephews birthday parties that I completely missed, but I enjoyed my one-on-one time with my little man too.